Ms. Pac-Man Vs. Ghost Team Competition 2017

Version History
File Version Main Change Date Uploaded v0.1.8 Added new IS-MCTS and Neural Net Ms. Pac-Man Agents 7th July 2017 v0.1.7.2 Added new One Junction Lookahead Ms. Pac-Man Agent 23rd February 2017 v0.1.7.1 Updated with better default value for TICK_THRESHOLD for communicating ghosts 22nd February 2017 v0.1.7.0 Updated with easier to use example AI's 16th February 2017 v0.1.6.1 Updated with new AI for both Ms. Pac-Man and Ghost Team. Fixed code for pill index issues 10th February 2017 v0.1.6.0 Updated with new PacMan AI and change to Java 1.8 4th October 2016 v0.1.5.1 Updated with bug fix to POPacMan 3rd October 2016 v0.1.5.0 Updated the Starter Package to handle new Main Package 29th September 2016 v0.1.4.0 Update the script for making the subscription 2nd September 2016 v0.1.3.0 Updated the pacman controllers to be a non generic class for easier class loading 24th May 2016 v0.1.2.0 Corrected Maven POM to get latest version from server at all times, altered the code itself removing a dependancy that wasn't needed 24th May 2016 v0.1.1.0 Restructured the packages inside and provided a script for making the submittable zip 19th May 2016 v0.1.0.0 Initial Version 16th May 2016