Ms. Pac-Man Vs. Ghost Team Competition 2018

The full problem description can be read in our IEEE CIG2016 paper

The General Problem

You will only be able to observe the dynamic environment with some limitations. Walls are now opaque to you, only allowing sight down corridors. The entire maze structure is available to you but you will need to develop new tactics and strategies to handle the fundamental loss of knowledge about pills, agents and fruits.

Ms. Pac-Man

Your task is to submit an agent to control the actions of Ms. Pac-Man. Your agent must stay alive, collect pills and eat as many ghosts as possible to score points. Your agent must do this better than everyone elses.

Ghost Team

Your task is to submit four agents to control the individual actions of each Ghost. Your agents must hunt Ms. Pac-Man and prevent her from consuming too many pills. They will be allowed to communicate with each other through a game mediated messaging system, allowing some level of team work and co-ordination. Happy hunting.

Image of game Image of PO game