Ms. Pac-Man Vs. Ghost Team Competition 2018

Programming Languages At present, only submissions in Java can be considered
Package Your agent should be placed in the package "entrants.pacman.USERNAME" or package "entrants.ghosts.USERNAME" as appropriate
Threads Submissions can not use threading to improve performance
Static Variables Please ensure static variables are thread safe - the server is multithreaded
GPU Power Graphics hardware can't be guaranteed on the servers and so should not be used. You may use GPU's for training agents.
Computational Time Ms. Pac-Man agents are given 40ms to return a move. Ghost teams share the 40ms and are called in a specific order (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue). It is up to the ghosts how much time to spend and how much to leave to the others
Cheating Attempting to circumvent restrictions such as bypassing the Partial Observability measures is considered cheating.